5 Wall Hangings That Won't Make Your Room Feel Like a Squat

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Until recently, the words ‘wall hanging’ would instantly transport me back to my university days, where everyone would cover their damp musty walls - common in old Bristol student houses - with those thin, mandala-print pieces of fabric.

For me, wall hangings were synonymous with the squat-like conditions we somehow survived - overflowing rubbish bins, dishes that hadn’t been washed for days, fraying carpets…you get the gist.

Thankfully times have changed and with what’s on the market these days, wall hangings can now serve as beautiful pieces of art that add character to an otherwise dull space. They’re especially good for rentals, as they’re an attractive alternative to something as permanent as paint or wallpaper.

So with this in mind we’ve scoured the internet to find you 5 of the most beautiful wall hangings around right now.

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Jungle Wall Chart - Graham and Green £79

Calling all longing explorers, this wall chart from Graham and Green will add a touch of tropical sophistication to your living space. Team with some exotic foliage and natural woods like bamboo for ultimate jungle vibes.

Faye Wall Hanging – Anthropologie £228

Bring some depth into your space with this cosy woollen wall hanging from Anthropolgie. Each piece is made by hand, so you can guarantee that yours will be completely unique!

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Kimset Blue Tapestry – Urban Outfitters £35

Get folky with this gorgeous spring-flower pale blue wall hanging from Urban Outfitters. Great for freshening up your décor and adding some subtle hints of colour.

Splash Tapestry – Urban Cotton £158

Created by Danish textile designer Mikala Gandrup, this vibrant tapestry consists of abstract forms and a gorgeous combination of colours. A perfect complement to any clean, Scandinavian décor.

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Kyoto Linen Wall Hanging – Rose & Grey £145

Probably my favourite of this list, this sepia-tone linen wall piece will appeal to all aspiring botanists. The crinkly effect of the linen gives a rustic look that mimics old paper, and it’s even got an artists’ signature at the bottom!