7 Worst Decor Decisions You Could Make

True elegance - the DFS Brackley sofa

True elegance - the DFS Brackley sofa

Having made it to our blog, I’d like to think you already have brilliant taste. But the truth is so many UK homes make the same interior faux pas time and time again, and I’m a bit fed up of seeing it. Why can’t we be renowned for our interior design style like Italians are, or the Danes?

In an attempt to save you from costly mistakes, I’ve compiled a list of some of the worst yet most common decor decisions you could make.

Wall mounted electric fires

I’m talking about those cheap black ones with the faux flames. Luckily these have died down a bit now, but I’m still seeing them crop up in newly renovated living rooms on Homes Under the Hammer. If you must install one (because god forbid, you’d have no feature wall), please only do this if you have a new property – you’ll destroy a character property with one of these monstrosities. 

Chevron print

I’ve had my fair share of chevron-dissing in a recent article of mine, but it can’t be avoided when we’re talking about cheap décor. Try herringbone instead.

One wall wallpaper

When did it become fashionable to have one wall wallpapered? I think it hit off around 10 years ago – either for those mainstreamers who were afraid to use a bold print on all four walls, or for those trying to cut costs. Whatever reason, I really dislike the one wall wallpaper thing – particularly of the tree and brick variety. Some textured wallpaper in the alcoves of an old property to add some depth maybe, but one flat wallpapered wall screams Argos catalogue. Cover all walls or do none at all.

Keep Calm slogan

I don’t know about you, but this slogan makes me feel anything but calm. It probably had it’s place in 1939 when it was used as motivational poster during the war, but now it’s plastered over everything – cushions, posters, glassware – it’s gone past the stage of overkill. Let’s Keep Calm and Move On shall we?

Black, white and red

I don’t think this advice needs much explanation, other than have you ever seen a black, white and red colour scheme that looks good? I certainly haven’t. For me it’s harsh, uninviting and a tad brothel-like…

Canvas prints

Whether it’s a print of the Mona Lisa or a tacky New York City skyline, canvas prints are a sure fire way to cheapen your walls and tell the world you buy everything in IKEA (not having a dig at IKEA but come on, don’t buy art there). They’re naff - always have been, always will be.

Corduroy sofas

There may be a couple of exceptions to this rule, but in general I’d strongly recommend you steer clear of corduroy sofas. I can’t fully pinpoint where my hatred for these sofas originates, but I suspect it has something to with the hideous part-faux leather Brackely corner piece my ex’s mum had from DFS.

What’s your idea of a décor disaster? Let us know in the comments.