Chevron Print: From a Sight for Sore Eyes to a Major Design Fad


A chevron is an inverted ‘v’ shaped mark that when combined looks like a zigzag pattern. Dating back to 1800 BC, the ancient Greeks often used this pattern on pottery and stone carvings.  

The chevron has evolved significantly since it’s ancient origins. Whilst a few years back it was seen almost entirely in floor designs, it’s now infiltrated all aspects of our lives: home furnishings, clothing, tiling, fake nails, even a bottle of mouthwash (Listerine, 2014). And if you haven’t got a chevron print rug, I can almost guarantee you’ve seen one in your friend’s living room – most likely in a grey and white colour combination. Whilst I didn’t quite buy the rug, I must confess that I am guilty of a momentary jump on the chevron bandwagon, albeit accidental. A few years back I bought some grey chevron print cushions. When I realised that it wasn’t chevron but herringbone - its much higher-calibre sister - that I liked, the cushions received a hasty re-cover.

Although the hype for chevron has levelled out since it surfaced in 2013, it’s still very much accessible and continues to dominate on socials. I can’t understand why – to me, it’s just an ‘adult’ version of the zigzag. And who would ever want zigzags plastered over their walls, flooring and textiles? Instead of being dubbed a fad and chucked on the pile with plaid and damask, it’s managed to cheat its way into the ranks of classic, ‘staple’ patterns – like the polka dot or the stripe. Yes, I can appreciate the chevron had it’s place in the 1970’s and was almost appealing for about 5 minutes in 2013 – but quite frankly I now want to see the back of it.  

To be fair to the ancient Greeks, they didn’t have an abundance of patterns at hand to adorn their wares with. But with so many more beautiful patterns today to use in our homes – like florals or terrazzo – why are we stuck on a pattern that’s not only been used to death, but hurts our eyes to look at? Let’s bury the chevron for another few decades…or forever.