Five Homeware Design Brands to Follow Now

100% Design Show - 18th-21st Sep 2019 at Olympia London

100% Design Show - 18th-21st Sep 2019 at Olympia London

A design trade event for industry professionals in the UK, the 100% Design Show has been going for 25 years and is the place to be if you want to stay on top of the most influential emerging and established interior brands out there.

Taking a peek at what exhibitors will be at the 2019 show this week, I came across some homeware design companies that are too exciting not to share. So whether you’re about to embark on a home renovation or simply interested in staying ahead in the world of interiors, here’s a round up of accounts to follow right now. 

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17 Patterns


17 Patterns are a London-based company that specialise in luxe, British-made wallpapers. Commissioning artists to design each pattern, they offer a huge variety of artistic wallpapers and are a cut above any other wallpaper company we’ve come across. Here are a couple of their most recent productions:

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 12.16.52.png


Designed by a contemporary artist called Paris, this wild mushroom illustrated wallpaper promises to deliver ‘the charm of the English countryside into your interior’.



‘A fresh yet traditional interpretation of one of natures most inspiring birds’, we love the sophisticated flamboyancy this wallpaper could add to any space.

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 12.08.47.png
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Reptile Tiles


Based in Wales, couple Ed Dunn and Carlo Briscoe set up Reptile Tiles in 1988 and create ceramic, bespoke tiles for both commercial and private customers.

Most refreshing about this established company is that you won’t find them designing tiles you’d typically find trending on Pinterest. Instead, most of their commissions feature timeless, traditional forms like animals, birds, botanicals and landscape scenes. And as each tile is a hand-painted work of art, no two tiles will be the same.

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An emerging brand, KOHR is Pakistan-based, new age furniture and home accessories brand founded by Arsalan A Khan. The brand’s designs are inspired by our ever-evolving living habits, aiming to tell a story and never be ‘generic in any sense of the word’.

We’re particularly drawn to their Rose Cheese Platter and collection of gemstone side tables.

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Beatrice Larkin 


Not steered by seasonal trends, designer Beatrice Larkin produces modern yet timeless woven textiles, accessories and interior products. Inspired by African textiles, the Bauhaus movement and Brutalist architecture, Beatrice designs her pieces in her East London studio before sending them off to be woven in small batches at a Lancashire-based jacquard mill and then on to be washed and finished in the Yorkshire Dales. Beatrice is proud of her British-produced pieces and we think they’d add a wholesome, cosy feel to your home.  

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 12.31.07.png
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Herston was established in 2017 by creative partners Oliver and Greta Chambers with a mission to create beautifully designed, highly functional and quality products. Their Self-Balancing Desk Lamp oozes Midcentury Modern charm and is available to pre-order on their website now. Whilst this lamp is all we can see from the duo at the moment, if this design is representative of the products we will see in the future, they are definitely work keeping an eye on.

Next week I will be reviewing this years 100% Design Show, where you’ll get to hear more about innovative brands and current happenings taking place in the world of interior design.