Release Your Inner Flapper With an Art Deco Powder Room


Whilst the Art Deco movement spanned three decades - the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression of the early 1930s, and the years leading up to the end of the Second World War – it’s most synonymous with the Jazz Age, and with that comes notions of freedom, anti-convention and liberation. People had a newfound license to express their individuality and personality, and homes were transformed from the austere décor of World War I into more glamorous, characterful spaces.

Here at Private Room, we believe the rooms we live in should always reflect these notions. And where better to start than in your downstairs loo? Most likely the smallest room in your house, you can afford to inject as much personality into the space as you like. The lack of square footage is actually a huge advantage, as you need less to kit it out – meaning you can buy those expensive tiles you’ve seen on Pinterest because you’ll only need a few. And as we spend such a short amount of time in there, you can definitely afford to go wild and make as loud of a statement with the décor as you want.

From toilet roll holders to wallpaper, below you’ll find our curated selection of Art Deco inspired pieces to give that inner flapper the powder room she deserves.  

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